Urban Dictionary: Frat Edition

Posted on 24 November 2010

Public opinion can truly blow your mind a time or two, and nothing’s better than an online dictionary that defines the greatest terms known to man. Of course Greek-life will make its presence known, and of course these responses are the classiest out there. From fratastic to sorostitute, let’s take a look at how Urban Dictionary defines the most popular names surrounding Greek life. Until the day I die I’ll support the frat-life, so don’t bite me for the bashing definitions of all-things-Greek. It’s not my opinion, and this shit is just too priceless to keep hidden:


  • A way to describe an act that is similar to something that may occur in a fraternity party or event. Must be rowdy, crude, awesome, and stupid enough to make sense. Everyone present must be in the process of blacking out on cheap beer and having a blast.
  • The act, or actions of being completely obsessed with ones fraternity. Borderline homosexual.
  • Living in a fratty manner; debauchery, belligerence and yelling words such as “dude”, “party”, and “chug” are some fratty qualities.


  • An organization of women (or so they say) whom do everything they stand against i.e. fucking, sucking, fondling, blowing, chewing, sniffing, licking, whipping, gobbling, and corn-holing anything/everything phallic. Though a few pearls do exist in these modern day “brothels” most members spend little time on academia and more time trying to get pregnant so they can get out of college with a rich fucktard.


  • Usually part of initiations into a group of some sort. Commonly done by pouring nasty food over people, making them do humiliating things, and other ways.
  • Initiation of neophytes when entering a Frat. Usually done by hitting the hind with a paddle while butt-naked. Done multiple times. Can kill.
  • A myth made up by low-ranking men and women in the armed forces not to be confused with unicorns or the boogy-man.
  • The act of male manual autoerotic behavior, i.e. beating off.


  • A GDI is pretty much everyone who wrote a whiney bitch definition of fraternity on Urban Dictionary.
  • Someone whose highlight of life thus far was the dvd release of “Finding Nemo”. Seen rarely in its natural habitat as few dare to venture into its sausage-fest dorm hole. Never known to slay box, or consume frat-water. Spends weekends playing halo and consuming mass quantities of hot-pockets and mountain dew. Known to study and NEVER party. Be extremely cautious around this species as inherently fratty gentleman have been known to cause head-explosions.
  • Also known as a dorm rat. A student that for whatever reason, wants no part of the Greek system. They oftentimes sit alone in their dorms on weekends wondering what’s going on in the outside world. They have a distinct unfounded hostility toward Greeks, but never hesitate to leach off of them, such as drinking their beer, or attending parties, from which they always end up going home alone. According to them, Greeks are “losers who have to pay for their friends.” It never occurred to them that one of their favorite celebrities is very likely a Greek. According to studies, only about half of GDI’s end up graduating college, as opposed to 71% of Greeks.


  • A girl in a sorority who has issues with keeping her legs shut.
  • Member of a whorority. Sorority member of “loose morals”.
  • A sorority girl whose main goal in life is to have sex with as many fraternity guys as possible, and whose ultimate goal is to bang the starting quarterback. Once they have accomplished that, they focus on banging pretty much every other athlete on campus. It is possible to identify a Sorostitute if they are driving down the road blasting any 50 Cent song.
  • A sorority girl or any high maintenance woman. Sorority girl + prostitute = sorostitute. Avoid at all costs.


  • Stands for “hating life.” Used primarily during fraternity pledgeship as one does, in fact, begin to hate life.


  • A derogatory name for a Fraternity. Often used by Gel-headed, Abercrombie wearing, spray-tanned douchebags.
  • A group of immature boys who give fraternities a bad name.
  • A place that breeds retarded fucks. These guys usually care about nothing but getting drunk and raping ignorant women that are dumb enough to let it happen. They have attitudes that closely resemble that of the ass holes you hated in JR high. I love how they make new recruits wear dress clothes and act all upstanding and important, yet they are the worst piles of trash on campus. Most members end up drinking and fucking off so much that their future becomes nothing more than a handful of stories from the past.

Keg Stand:

  • A handstand on a keg. The act of guzzling alcohol in an inverted position in massive quantities, with onlookers cheering.
  • The act of doing a handstand on a keg while guzzling down a mass amount of said keg’s contents through its hose-like dispenser. There is a common myth that by being positioned upside-down during the consumption of beer, the alcohol will reach the brain more quickly (this is anatomically possible given that the beer must reach the stomach first). The person performing such an act is typically physically supported by many intoxicated friends.


  • One who is a well established member of a fraternity.
  • Can often be seen wearing Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren.
  • Will only drink beverages with alcohol, his tolerance is far beyond that of his peers, and often carries a flask.


  • A fraternity asshole. frat + asshole=frathole. He is obnoxiously loud, especially when amongst his other frathole brethrens. There is typically an exponential growth of stupidity, drunkenness, and inclination to rape females when fratholes congregate in a group. If you are a female, be very wary of fratholes.

Got any other words we need to know about? Sound off in the comments below.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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  1. PledgeMaster says:

    Comment all you’d like. If you’re feeling generous, submit a story for consideration. You’ll stay anonymous, and your story might end up as the next post of the PledgeMaster.

  2. ATO says:

    Fratastrophe: A catastrophic occurrence upon a situation that is deemed to be fratty in nature.

  3. AXO says:


  4. Mikey says:

    Figures the AXO said “Shacking” ;) They know all about that shit.

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