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Submitted Story: Pledge-In-Progress

Posted on 06 March 2011

When the semester began, an anonymous reader shot me an email with a few questions and comments revolving around pledgeship. His fear of the unknown was typical, and by the looks of it, he seems to be doing fine. We asked the brave soul to keep us updated with his pledgeship as the semester goes on. If you have any story of your own, feel free to shoot me an email or submit a story. Right after the jump, you’ll read his pledge-in-progress update. If you’ve got a nutsack, you’ll sound off in the comments below:

Hi again,

So far nothing has been bad at all but we’re only 3 weeks in and I don’t know if that would change. Our typical week’s requirements are getting 6 interviews done. Most of the interviews take over 1-2 hours, and some brothers give you trivia to complete before getting their signature on the interview. Some trivia is absurd like catching a chicken and bringing it to them, going to the events of which there are intramurals going on and dressing up in a suit and tie three days of the week with dress pants. One of our pledge rules is do anything a brother asks (i.e. spend most rainy days driving brothers around if we don’t have class, bringing them food in libraries, etc.). As far as events goes, we have to be at the house at 5:45 am on wednesdays to do an intense sessions of running, pushups, etc.  About half of us end up puking (7 total in the pledge class). We have pledge education on sundays where we get quizzed on random stuff, but that’s expected. We also have to DD 1+ times a week from 9pm – 3am.
I guess that about sums it up.

Thanks for the help PledgeMaster.

Sound familiar? This pledgeship mirrors the norm of all fraternity pledgeships. You have to remember that the extreme hazing we talk about is becoming a minority these days. Yet, designated driving, pledge attire, interviews, etc. are all fair game in the eyes of the average university. The lack of physical abuse (hazing) goes to prove what fraternity he’s pledging. Unfortunately, in due time, universities will crack down on all forms of pledgeship. There are countless cases in which fraternities are being kicked off campus for merely making their pledges DD late at night. Either way, we’ll keep you updated on our pledge-in-progress.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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2 Responses to “Submitted Story: Pledge-In-Progress”

  1. PledgeMaster says:

    What about your pledgeship?

  2. Captain Fratdaddy says:

    I did the same kind of pledging when I went through around three years ago. I think it’s terrible how society is cracking down on these simple harmless bonding activities. The interviews are a good way for the pledges to meet the older brothers who they might never really get to know if they don’t have to seek them out and hang out with them. The dress code is just to make you look good and teach you how to dress later in life. And finally, pledges at my school are mostly underage, so shouldn’t be drinking anyways so why shouldn’t they help get the brothers who are allowed to drink home safely and out of jail. Thats what I think personally and I think if we get rid of these basics of pledging, the greek system will be in serious trouble.

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