Pledge Class President

Posted on 12 September 2010

The leader of all leaders. Oh, the irony. The word “president” comes with an air of confidence, importance and meaning. Well fuck that. Welcome pledgeship, and welcome Mr. Pledge Class President. No longer does the commander in chief have control, but rather, this president inherited a pile of shit unknown to the average #20 GDI. If youwere a PCP, you understand. If not, you’re a pussy: you didn’t experience a real pledgeship.

For all you naive folks, the Pledge Class President is the leader of the pledges. It’s not fucking hard to understand, the name slightly gives it away. But don’t let the title fool you. He’s still a pledge, just with more responsibility. The selection process varies by fraternity and university. Fraternities have been known to hand pick the PCP out of the pledge class, let the brotherhood vote, engage in a contest of sorts, or even let the pledge class decide without intervention. The selection process is important; once a decision is made, there’s no turning back. If pledges are as mind-fucked as they’re supposed to be, then there’s always the overachiever in the bunch just eager to lead his buddies to victory. Huge fucking mistake. Or, there’s the cocky bastard who the brotherhood despises most… he usually wins the election if there is one. You get the picture.

The duties of a PCP are priceless to pledgeship. While the #57 Pledge Master leads the little fuckers down their dark and shitty pathway to brotherhood, the PCP is solely responsible for his pledge brothers. When all else fails, the brotherhood needs a fall guy. And Mr. PCP is that guy. When a pledge fucks up, the PCP is responsible. As the weeks roll along, the pledge class wants to punch the PCP in the face for every text message he sends out. And as the story goes, the day will come when the pledge class revolts against their PCP. But hey, I’m sure the brotherhood had a hand in that somehow. He takes the blame at all times, gets shit on the most, and basically serves as the face of his pledge class. Well that sort of sounds like Obama now doesn’t it? Anyways, it sucks. If you’re thinking about pledging, here’s one solid piece of advice: DON’T FUCKING BE PCP. Enough said.

Putting aside the extent in which the PCP is fucked, there is a level of respect in the long run. Yes, this poor kid will get the most fingers shoved up his ass; yet, there is a benefit down the line. A sick concept of pledging involves the level of hazing a pledge endures. If you got hazed the most as a pledge, you’ll most likely be respected more as a brother. Yes, it’s fucked up. It’s just the way it works. As brotherhood beckons, the PCP is respected for enduring it all. Once a PCP, always a PCP. Whether a brother or a pledge, you’ll always be remembered for who you were and what you did. And by the way, you never want to be the brother who had an easy pledgeship compared to the rest. #26 Brother hazing is a bitch, but that story is for another time.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.


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19 Responses to “Pledge Class President”

  1. PledgeMaster says:

    Comment all you’d like. If you’re feeling generous, submit a story for consideration. You’ll stay anonymous, and your story might end up as the next post of the PledgeMaster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    right on the money.

  3. OLD ASS PCP says:

    damn straight. if you weren’t a pcp you didn’t really have it tough. pcp gets hazed in so many different ways

  4. CJA says:

    Fucking every word is true. PCP when I pledged for my sorority. Shit is not fun. This totally summed it up, especially the part about others fucking up and it being on you.
    -PCP Gamma Class

  5. Anonymous says:

    The revolt is so true. I remember when my pledge brothers stopped responding to my texts. Thats when hazing was toughest… other than hell week of course

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was PCP for a chapter famous for its “appreciation” of pledges. This article was totally correct. You did leave out the “special” time for the PCP though. Multiple times during pledgeship, I would go to a brother’s house and spend the night getting hazed by myself for my pledge brothers. I was so mind fucked that I said that if one of my pledge brothers screwed up, I would take their punishment. Great article

  7. Past PCP says:

    So true. Great description!

  8. Pup says:

    God it doesn’t get more real than this. The revolt, the hazing.

  9. Mays says:

    Fuck Hazing And that pleging shit

  10. PledgeMaster says:

    Once a PCP, always a PCP. Am I right?

  11. PCP Legend says:

    I was the Pledge Class President and I got a lot of shit if we fucked up. To this day, I don’t regret doing it. It’s like a roller coaster ride, scary yet fun. I say go for it if you want to pledge for a fraternity. If you can’t handle it or try to be PCP then might as well not pledge.

  12. Struggling PCP says:

    Currently a PCP every bit of info in this is true. PCP is a ride of death and makes pledging worse then you ever could have thought

  13. PCPorDIe says:

    As PCP for my pledge class I can say with confidence that it fucking sucks, but i’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best decision i’ve ever made, i’m 100 times more man than i was before, and the respect feels great, besides the revolt. I haven’t even gone through hell week yet, but shit i’ll do just about anything for my pledge brothers. Great article, true as true through and through. Once a PCP, always a PCP

  14. Ron Burgendy says:

    I was PCP and it sucked. I’d do anything for my pledge bros, still will to this day! Yeah I got it harder than my pledge brothers, but I’m glad I was the one who got destroyed and not them. If you have the passion and you’re willing to go through an unimaginable hell for your pledge brothers than you should go for PCP. I give respect to all other PCP’s who have commented here. Once PCP, Always PCP.

  15. Hell Yah says:

    Yah, I enjoy being the PCP… Not it was the worst fucking decision i made. Especially when your PBS fuck up man. Your the face of them thats for right, your also there balls, there ass and there dick.

  16. BO PCP says:

    I’m right there with all of you…don’t know why on this GD Earth I chose to be PCP.

  17. THE PCP says:

    How often do you get told you’re the worst PCP to ever go through said fraternity

  18. DA PCP says:

    THE PCP I’m a legacy (father) at my chapter and was told I was the worst PCP while pledging all the time. They said they planned on removing my dad’s composite so I wouldn’t have to reminded of the fact my father was a president. Then I got initiated and found out my hard work was actually worth it and I have a ton of respect in the brotherhood. I still get called PCP by my pbros. Best decision ever. Once a PCP, always a PCP.

  19. Damn Im A PCP says:

    Just got the news that I’ll be PCP for the spring class. FUCK ME. I looked up this article. Im already tight with my pledge bros but god damn did I get myself into some shit. Im not mindfucked, I know whats coming… All I have going for me is the exec possibilites that stem from the respect I’ll earn. That given, FUCK ME.

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