Fraternity Glory Days Part II

Posted on 14 December 2010

There’s something oddly appealing about celebrities, whether it be a juicy background story, illicit sex scandal or latest purchase in Beverly Hills. Let’s take a slightly more badass look at our most beloved celebs. Ever wonder if the icons of today knew how to funnel a beer, haze a pledge or sport the greatest Greek letters? We’ve got just the answer.

A while back we published an article that merely scratched the surface with fraternity celebrities. In our latest edition, we’ve got 81 celebrities ranging from 27 separate frat houses. With your comments, along with a few weeks of research, we did our best to only select the 3 greatest celebrity bros known from each house. As always, sound off in the comments. Let us know who we missed, and why they deserve to make the list.

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Mark Zuckerberg

Ever heard of Facebook?

Gene Wilder

Best known for his role as “Willy Wonka” in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Wolf Blitzer

CNN reporter. Host of The Situation Room

Alpha Sigma Phi

Warren Buffet

Legendary investor and philanthropist. As of 2010, the world’s 3rd wealthiest person.

Tom Watson

American golfing legend

Vincent Price

Horror film actor, most known for his role as the “Inventor” in Edward Scissorhands

Alpha Tau Omega

Steve Spurrier

Florida legend, and sole hope for the South Carolina Gamecocks

Billy Joe “Red” McCombs

Owner of the Minnesota Vikings & San Antonio Spurs

Jim Mora

Legendary NFL head coach. Now known for his role in the Coors Light commercials: “Playoffs? Playoffs?”

Beta Theta Pi

Richard Karn

Al Borland on Home Improvement & current host of Family Feud

Kevin Heffernan

Farva in Super Troopers

Neil Everett

Classy sportscaster at ESPN

Delta Kappa Epsilon

A Ton of Presidents

Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush

George Steinbrenner

“The Boss”- owner of the Yankees for 37 years until his death just last summer

Dick Clark

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Delta Tau Delta

Drew Carey

Whose Line Is It Anyways & current host of The Price is Right

Will Ferrell

Anchorman & “We’re going streakin’!”

Matthew McConaughey

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Tropic Thunder, Failure to Launch, Fool’s Gold, We Are Marshall, Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Delta Upsilon

Lou Holtz

Legendary Notre Dame football coach & football analyst

Wayne Brady

Actor, singer, comedian and television personality. Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Wayne Brady Show, Don’t Forget The Lyrics! & Let’s Make A Deal

Dr. Robert Cade

Inventor of Gatorade


Jack Nicklaus

Iconic American golfer

Johnny Carson

Legendary host of The Tonight Show, “The King of Late Night”

Phil Knight

Founder of Nike

Kappa Alpha Order

Bill Engvall

Blue Collar Comedy Tour “Here’s your sign…” & The Bill Engvall Show

Zac Brown

Head singer of the Zac Brown Band

Ely Callaway

Founder of Callaway Golf

Kappa Sigma

Jimmy Buffet

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Jerry Jones

Billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys

Scott Flanders

Current CEO of playboy

Lambda Chi Alpha

Kenny Chesney

Country Music Mogul

William E. Rasmussen

Founder of ESPN

Ron Paul

Talking head

Phi Delta Theta

Trey Wingo

Host of SportsCenter

Neil Armstrong

American Astronaut icon

Wes Welker

New England Patriots: fantasy team top-pick

Phi Kappa Theta

John F. Kennedy

American President, and government version of Tiger Woods

Paul Allen

Co-founder of Microsoft

Pope John Paul

Religious bro

Phi Kappa Tau

Paul Newman

American actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, humanitarian and auto racing enthusiast.

Patton Oswalt

Stand-up comedian, actor and writer. Most known for his role on King of Queens.

Malcolm Forbes

Former publisher of Forbes magazine. Founded by his father, Forbes has been passed down to his son.

Pi Kappa Alpha

Jeremy Piven

Entourage badass

John Stewart

Daily Show host

Colonel Sanders

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Pi Kappa Phi

Chris Moneymaker

2003 Winner of the World Series of Poker

Randy Owen

Lead singer of Alabama

Jim Edmonds

All-Star Cincinnati Reds outfielder, once a member of the Cubs, Padres, Brewers, Cardinals and Angels.

Pi Lambda Phi

Sandy Koufax

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player

Kevin James

King of Queens, along with Hitch, Paul Blart Mall Cop, Grown Ups and a few more

Mark Cuban

American billionaire. Owner of the Dallas Mavericks & Landmark Theatres. Founder of HD cable network HDNet.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

David Spade

Drink a beer with Joe Dirt

Phil Jackson

Bull and Laker legend

Pete Carroll

Former USC head coach & current Seattle Seahawks head coach

Sigma Alpha Mu

Ernie Davis

Syracuse University Heisman trophy winner & the movie The Express is based off of him

David Stern

Commissioner of the NBA

Alan Rothenberg

President of the US Soccer Federation

Sigma Chi

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints stud quarterback

David Letterman

Late Show- getting it done both with the wife, and the co-worker

Mike Ditka

NFL great, and current NFL analyst

Sigma Phi Epsilon

James Naismith

Inventing the sport of Basketball will get you on a lot of lists

Tom Hicks

Owner of the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers

Fred L. Turner

Chairman and contributor to America’s sole weight problem: McDonalds

Sigma Nu

Paul Rudd

Actor in Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models & I Love You Man

Mike Posner

Singer, songwriter and producer

Bob Barker

The Price Is Right… or as Happy says: “The price is WRONG, bitch!”

Sigma Pi

Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback

Tracy Lawrence

American country music artist

Jeff Arnett

Current Master Distiller at Jack Daniels

Tau Delta Phi

Jerry Stiller

father of Ben Stiller, Jerry starred in King of Queens and Seinfeld

Sammy Davis Jr.

American entertainer and active supporter of black civil rights.

Floyd Little

Pro football Hall of Fame running back for the Denver Broncos

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Willie Nelson

Age-old country singer

Elvis Presley

The founder of all-things-music

Terry Bradshaw

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl MVP & football analyst

Theta Delta Chi

Dan Resin

Caddyshack’s legendary Dr. Beeper

Nick Thompson

MMA Fighter

Steven Spielberg

Hollywood’s best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world*

*Supposedly in all of Spielberg’s movies, he has placed the fraternity letters or something to do with the fraternity in his movies. He is a member of Theta Chi Fraternity and the symbol is “OX”. One is in Men in Black at the beginning where the bug is flying around and then heads towards the moon. With the bugs wings and the moon, it makes “OX”. Another is in Jurassic Park. When the family is sleeping in the trees, and the dinosour’s head comes up, the camera pans straight down to a tree trunk. At the bottom of the trunk there is an image of Theta Chi’s Fraternity crest there.

Zeta Beta Tau

Burt Baskin

Co-founder of Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor

Jerry Bruckheimer

Film and television producer, CSI, Amazing Race, Cold Case, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor and so many more.

Robert Kraft

Owner of the New England Patriots, New England Revolution & Gillette Stadium

I’m not perfect, so feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Cheers to all the celebrities who really knew how to live it up in their college heydays.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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15 Responses to “Fraternity Glory Days Part II”

  1. PledgeMaster says:

    Freedom of speech. Bitch away.

  2. David Samsel says:

    Steven Spielberg was a Theta Chi not a Theta Delta Chi.

  3. Mike says:

    Props for not only mentioning the usual fraternitys like betas and sig eps

  4. Frat Legend says:

    DU is not a frat there motto is no hazing, no secrets, no bullshit. there all a bunch of lame gdis who took greek letters and call themselves a frat, there a worthless bunch of ppl that have no respect

  5. Dudebro says:

    Brad Pitt – sigma chi

  6. psk2243 says:

    Phi sigma kappa

    Dan Patrick- made sportscenter what it is today
    Cheech Maron- half of cheech and chong, helped transform comedy in the 1970s
    David Cook- american idol winner

  7. frat star says:

    get it phi kappa theta

  8. tomba says:

    One of the greatest Sigma Chi brothers was John “Duke” Wayne.

  9. Pktallday says:

    Phi Kaps!

  10. Ben F. says:

    Also, Harrison Ford, Archie Manning and Eli Manning are Sigma Nus. There are A LOT of famous Sigma Nus.

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