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University of Alabama Suspends All Pledgeship Activities

Posted on 19 October 2012

One of the south’s most prominent Greek universities just took a hard knock-out. News coming out of UA reports that all pledging activities have been halted, immediately. The reason? Good old bows-n-toes, check it out…


Florida Charges 13 in Death of FAMU Drum Major

Posted on 02 May 2012

STORY HIGHLIGHTS: Case does not support murder charges, prosecutor said. A state attorney announced the charges Wednesday. One person in custody; one being sought out of state. Robert Champion died after he was beaten on a bus in November.


Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuses

Posted on 30 March 2012

As one of the most controversial fraternal whitle-blowing stories in our modern era, this article is a must-read. While long in duration, it’s worth every word. Whether pro-hazing or not, it makes you think.


SigEp Rape Survey

Posted on 01 February 2012

“If you could rape someone, who would it be?” If that’s not enough of an incentive to read this story, I don’t know what is. University of Vermont SigEp was suspended for an offensive survey. Shocker? Not really. Check out the article after the jump.


IN THE NEWS: Marching Band Hazing Death in Florida

Posted on 20 November 2011

Not to be racist, but Florida A&M turns the minority into the majority. No matter where you’re from, multi-cultural fraternities take hazing to a whole new level. Yet, as previously discussed, fraternities aren’t the only ones professing the age-old art. In this case, a marching band takes things a little too far.


IN THE NEWS: SAE Alumni Rack Up $12K Rampage

Posted on 28 October 2011

As always, the Brotherhood keeps you in-the-know. The latest story comes out of the great state of Tennessee. Vanderbilt held its homecoming weekend last week, and as is tradition, the fraternities hosted alumni brothers for a late-night party. At SAE, they are still surveying the damage. It’s one thing to blow a $12K bar-tab, it’s […]


IN THE NEWS: Yale DKE Suspended for Chanting

Posted on 18 May 2011

Just wait till you read this story. If you haven’t scrolled down and read our newest Quote of the Day, you might want to. As always, we keep the brotherhood informed. Recent headlines come out of Yale University where DKE has just been served a 5 year suspension for… well… chanting? You’re going to have […]


IN THE NEWS: SAE Kicked Off Campus

Posted on 18 April 2011

One of the nation’s most historic brotherhoods may be losing it’s national prestige. Numerous chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have been kicked off of their university campuses in the past year, while a few are in hot water. Most notably, the University of Michigan recently got the axe due a parent emailing the university in […]


IN THE NEWS: TKE Initiation Hazing Allegations

Posted on 16 March 2011

Hazing has and always will be a hot topic at all colleges and universities across the country. The most recent story in the news comes from Whitman College, a private college in the state of Washington.  TKE, Tau Kappa Epsilon, is in hot water in numerous respects. A pledge ratted on the brotherhood giving unique […]


IN THE NEWS: Sorority Hazing Scandal

Posted on 02 March 2011

Back to the headlines, the latest hazing story In The News comes from the University of Maryland. Maybe I’m just naive, but isn’t the bulk load of hazing supposed to come from fraternities? I don’t know whether to love or hate this. Long story short, a few sisters whipped out the paddle on a new […]


IN THE NEWS: Sports Program Canceled Due To Hazing Incident

Posted on 12 February 2011

Due to a few recent incidents of hazing that have hit national spotlight, we’re going to run a weekly article revolving around hazing and pledgeship in the news. Because of our creativity, we’re titling it In The News. Innovative, I know. Well, our first edition travels to bum-fuck-nowhere in the small college town of Middlebury, […]


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