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Anonymous: Bullet Pointed Pledgeship

Posted on 08 February 2011

As promised, the Brotherhood will be heard. An anonymous submission just came our way in classy bullet-point form. Like all submissions requesting to be kept under wraps, we’ll honor the wish. Not to worry, there’s no name needed. This ex-pledge turned brother gave us a run-down on the highlights of his fall pledgeship. Hazing galore. There’s nothing greater than someone spilling it all for the comic relief and education of all of us. With line-ups, cold weather, and a quality mind fuck, this submitted story is damn well-rounded. Check it out after the jump…

  • The Wall
  • The most common hazing was on the wall. I’m assuming it’s a pretty common ritual, just like Rob’s Line-Ups, but ours were in coat and ties. It’s where we got yelled at, ridiculed and stood face-to-face with the brotherhood countless times.

  • The Change
  • If we ever screwed up, we would have a specific time-frame (sometime 1-minute) to run to our cars and change into pledge uniform. Before this, we were in dressier clothes. We then would lock up on the wall again.

  • The Water Hose
  • When the weather got cold, we were fucked more than ever. We got hosed down countless times in freezing weather. We learned that blue-jeans hold water, which made you even colder. After a few meetings of being hosed in 30 degree weather, we learned to just show up in our boxers. Huddling together for warmth was all we could do. There’s unity for you.

  • The Mind Fuck
  • The weirdest thing was that after each meeting or haze sessions, everything was back to normal. We would hang out at the house freezing, drinking beer with the actives. We were fucking clueless.

There’s nothing more to-the-point than that run-down. The Wall is a classic situation, and it usually happens around a meal when the entire brotherhood is around. Depending on how rough the hazing gets, anything can be done to a pledge class when they’re lined-up. This submission merely scratches the surface of what’s done. While plates of food can be thrown their way, almost anything goes when the pledge class is lined up against the wall. Not to worry about the mess, you’ll never guess who has to clean everything up after dinner anyways.

The Change is a new one. Petty, yet shitty. It’s all about the small stuff. You can get through an event of straight shit, but when it comes to shitty repetition, pledges crack. As for the Water Hose, there’s no greater test than cold weather hazing. Classic, especially for northern universities. Lastly, the Mind Fuck continues. Haze a pledge, then buy him a brew. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Keep the submissions coming our way. The more stories, the better. You’ve got secrets that everyone wants to hear. As always, we’ll keep it anonymous.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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4 Responses to “Anonymous: Bullet Pointed Pledgeship”

  1. PledgeMaster says:

    You try being hosed down in 30 degree weather…

  2. SigEpBRO says:

    getting hosed down is for pussies. get your naked ass in the snow and feel the real cold. southern frats are pussies compared to the hazing that happens up north

  3. Sam says:

    Sigep doesnt even haze…. sigeps for pussies, you submit an application and you’re in

  4. val kilmer says:

    southern fraternities meaning below the mason dixon line take things to a level you northerners will never experience. Most of the tactics will never be revealed because most fraters down south will ever say them outside of their brotherhood, but most things are insanely inhumane, and considered torture tactics in most countries including the US. Aside from rivalries and competition between fraternities, There’s a universal respect for other fraters in the south because for the most part we all know what goes on… you northerners get it easy. There are some schools up there that employ some of the same tactics but not nearly to the extent that southerners do. Snows easy, Most of the time I was pledging I wish I could have been naked in the snow, that would have put a smile on my face.

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