University of Alabama Suspends All Pledgeship Activities

Posted on 19 October 2012

One of the south’s most prominent Greek universities just took a hard knock-out. News coming out of UA reports that all pledging activities have been halted, immediately. The reason? Good old bows-n-toes, check it out…

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama  — As a result of several hazing allegations and investigations, the University of Alabama has suspended several fraternity privileges and all pledgeship activities as of 1 p.m. on Thursday.

UA Media Relations says the university has issued interim suspensions to one former member of Pi Kappa Alpha and two active members who engaged in hazing activities at an off-campus location. Students may not attend classes or participate in UA activities until they have appeared before Judicial Affairs and a decision is made on whether they can be reinstated and return to campus.

UA has revoked Pi Kappa Alpha’s student organization seating for the rest of this football season. Judicial Affairs is looking into sanctions for the chapter and additional penalties for other members, and the chapter will lose social privileges for fall semester.

“As our investigations move forward, additional sanctions, consequences and penalties could be levied against these individuals and the chapter,” UA’s release said. “If additional details reveal that criminal offenses were committed, the individuals will be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials.”

After being notified by UA about hazing allegations, the local chapter advisory board for Delta Tau Delta has suspended all pledge programs and social activities indefinitely. UA has referred Delta Tau Delta to Judicial Affairs. UA has revoked Delta Tau Delta’s student organization seating for the rest of this football season.

UA has also ended all IFC pledgeship activities as of 1 p.m. on Thursday. Greek Affairs, Judicial Affairs and/or UAPD will conduct a thorough and comprehensive review of all IFC fraternities on campus.

“As vague and non-specific allegations continue to circulate, UA is working diligently and carefully to clearly separate rumors from actual incidents and appropriately identify the individuals involved, so that those who are responsible for hazing activities can be held accountable for their behavior and decisions,” the release said.

The release also says that, during the last week, UA has received confidential and specific allegations via the school’s hazing hotline involving Phi Gamma Delta, Chi Phi, Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi and Zeta Beta Tau.

After investigating, Greek Affairs and Judicial Affairs have cleared Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi and Zeta Beta Tau.

UA also received a complaint about Theta Chi and will begin that investigation immediately.

The national organizations for Chi Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha have issued cease and desist communications to the local chapters and have indicated they will also conduct their own investigations, according to UA.

UA Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost Mark Nelson released the following statement concerning the suspension of pledgeship and the investigation into hazing incidents:

“Based on calls that have come into the hazing hotline in the last week, the University of Alabama has investigated several IFC fraternities who were accused of hazing incidents. UA appreciates the full cooperation, support and assistance of the fraternities, their national organizations and their chapter advisors.”

Nelson will be available to take media questions at 4 p.m. today on the steps of Rose Administration building.

UA released the following statement regarding the allegations:

“The University of Alabama takes allegations and incidents of hazing very seriously.  Students who are the victims of or who become aware of hazing incidents are strongly encouraged to bring these incidents to our attention. The hazing and harassment hotline is monitored daily by members of the Student Affairs staff. Calls to the hazing hotline are confidential and are referred to Judicial Affairs and/or UAPD for investigation. To ensure a successful investigation, callers should provide specific information including names of organizations, times and locations. Self-reporting mechanisms are available to chapters who uncover acts of hazing by their members. The University will not tolerate hazing on- or off-campus, and will respond aggressively on behalf of any student who feels he/she is subject to acts of retaliation for reporting a hazing incident.”

“The safety and well-being of our students is a top priority for UA,” the school’s statement continued. “Our ability to stop hazing depends on a partnership between the University, the members, leadership and alumni of local chapters, parents and the national organizations.”

On Thursday afternoon, The Crimson White, UA’s student-run newspaper, tweeted,  “Breaking: All fraternity pledge activities are to be suspended as of 1 p.m. Today, according to UA Greek Affairs .”

UA’s Assistant Dean of Students told the CW the following, according to another tweet: “No hell week is to take place, and I quote, if hell week takes place there will be hell to pay, from the Univ. of Ala.

“No pledge gear, no pledge activities. We’re asking to initiate new members if your national organizations will allow.”

UA Greek Affairs Executive Director told the CW the following about the fall semester pledge period, according to a tweet: “The pledge program is over. It’s not going to be brought back. It’s done.”

“The office of Greek Affairs will continue to investigate the allegations, refer to past events, and work with other universities to ensure that the future pledging is safe for all students and safe for all individuals involved,” Davis also told the CW. “There’s a new day at the University, a new president. We can’t allow the things that have taken place in the past to continue.” SOURCE. 

 Thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.


It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.




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